For Guests from overseas

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Welcome to Osaka,Japan.  

In our hostel, you can stay here for a variety of purposes such as a school trip, business seminar, and a training camp.

We are flexible to your meals, room arrangement, and so on. Please feel free to inquire.

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How to book for about 10 or more people

数字 2 イラスト文字After making your inquiry, we will check the room availability and send a confirmation of acceptance.

 æ•°å­— 3 イラスト文字With the confirmation note, we will send you the terms of our cancellation policy, a name list for your group members and

    food allergy survey by Fax or e-mail. You can download the three necessary documents at the bottom.

数字 4 イラスト文字After you get the documents, we would like you to pay the 10% of your accommodation charge to our account by bank

            remittance as a deposit in advance. Further information is written in the confirmation note. 

            Then your booking will be confirmed.

数字 5 イラスト文字Please also send us the name list and allergy survey(if you order meals).

    You can pay the rest of accommodation charge when you check in.


The documents

How to pay

Please pay by cash for 10 or more than 10 people of group.

After you pay all when you check in we can not return the money even though you would like to cancel.

Please tell us if you want to cancel or change something.



Hostel:Open all year

Reception: 6am till 11pm.

We have curfew at 11 pm so guests need to come back to the hostel till 11pm.

Check in: 3pm to 10pm

Check out: 6am to 10am daily


Address: 1-1 Nagai-koen Higashisumiyoshi-ku Osaka,Japan.

Postcord: 546-0034