「サッカー イラスト」の画像検索結果Watching Sports 

Have you watched J.LEAGUE(Japan Professional Football League)? Our hostel is located in Yanmar stadium Nagai where is held

many games through the year.

Cerezo Osaka is professional football team in Osaka city.  Please check about the team here (

You also can buy their souvenir and enjoy some food stand around the stadium.

「セレッソ 画像」の画像検索結果 「セレッソ 画像」の画像検索結果

あたたかくなってきて気分がよくなっているひよこEnjoying park

There is a park around the stadium that is called Nagai park.  They have botanical garden and also a lots events are held every season.

Would you like to walk through the park and feel Japanese nature?

I recommend bringing Bento(Japanese lunch box) and some snacks when you are off to there.

(Osaka Nagai Botanic Garden English website➡

「長居公園」の画像検索結果 「長居公園」の画像検索結果 「長居公園」の画像検索結果



Are you keen on local shopping street? It 5-10 minutes away by bike from the hostel but the local shopping street which is called

Komagawa Shopping Street. Many local people go shopping there to buy a lot of things. 

There are some coffee shops, bakely, grocery shops, 100 yen shop. You can enjoy local atmosphere!

(Komagawa Shopping Street  English website➡

「駒川商店街」の画像検索結果 「駒川商店街」の画像検索結果




★From Nagai youth hostel

To Osaka

Destination Time  Remark
KANSAI International airport 1 h JR Hanwa line Kansai-airport Sta.
UNIVERSAL STUDIO JAPAN 40 min JR Hanwa line → JR Osaka roop line → JR Yumesaki line Universal-city Sta.
Shin-osaka 40 min Subway Midosuji line Shin-Osaka Sta.
Osaka castle 30 min JR Hanwa line → JR Osaka roop line Morinomiya Sta. or Osakajokoen Sta
Umeda 30 min Subway Midosuji line Umeda Sta.
Nanba 20 min Subway Midosuji line Namba Sta.
Abeno 15 min Subway Midosuji line Tennoji Sta.


※The nearest station is JR Hanwa line Tsurugaoka Sta. or, Subway Midosuji line Nagai Sta.

To Kyoto

About 1 h 20 min (JR Hanwa line Tsurugaoka Sta. → Change trains to JR roop line at JR Tennoji Sta.→ Change trains to JR Kyoto line at JR Osaka Sta.)

To Nara

About 1 h 10 min(JR Hanwa line Tsurugaoka Sta. → Change trains to JR Yamatoji line at JR Tennoji Sta.)

To Kobe

About 1 h 15 min(JR Hanwa line Tsurugaoka Sta. → Change trains to JR roop line at JR Tennoji Sta. → Change trains to JR Kobe line at JR Tennoji Sta.)

To Koyasan

About 1 h 40 min (JR Hanwa line Tsurugaoka Sta. → Change trains to Nankai Koya line at JR  Mikunigaoka Sta.

→( Change express trains at Sakai-higashi Sta. or Kongo Sta.)→ Change trains to Nankai-Koyasan cable car at Gokuraku-bashi Sta.


・Travel tips

関西国際空港・フライト情報(KIX flight information)

Japan Rail Passについて

大阪周遊パス(Osaka Amazing Pass)

ユニバーサルスタジオジャパン(Universal Studio Japan)

黒門市場(Kuromon Ichiba Market)

アメリカ村(America mura)

大阪歴史博物館(Osaka Museum of History)

大阪くらしの今昔館(Osaka Museum of Housing and Living)

海遊館(Osaka Aqualium Kaiyukan)

大阪府咲洲庁舎展望台(Osaka Prefectural Government Sakishima Building Observatory)