About facilities or equipment

Are there any towels?

Bath towels are for rental. Face towels are for sales. Each one is 200 yen.

Are there any amenities in Bath rooms?

There are Two-in-one shampoo, Body soap and hair dryer.

What kind of rooms are in ?

Mostly rooms are Dormitory rooms ( No mixed gender ).

However, a few private rooms are. Please see more details here.

We welcome solo traveler, couple, family and small group or big group. Enjoy Osaka !

Can I wash my clothes ?

Sure, laundromat are in.

Washing machine ( 200 yen ) , Dryer ( 200 yen ) , Iron ( free )

You can buy a laundry detergent ( 100 yen / 3 packs ) at reception.


Can I stay overnight even single traveler ?

Sure, you can stay comfortable and keep private in Dormitory rooms.

There are own huge locker, a light, electric outlet, curtain with each beds.

Are there any age limit?

No, there are not age limit.

As a valuable experience for kids, those who used to stay in youth hostel a long time ago…

Everyone can stay our hostel !


Can I get free Wi-Fi ?

Yes, you can.  Enjoy your staying.

Can I order meals?
  • For individual guests

【 About breakfast 】

Needs a reservation.

You can order breakfast when you check in, but unfortunately depending on the number of guests or time

we can not accept your order.

【 About lunch or dinner 】

Unfortunately, We cannot accept. You can order if other group order their meal. If you need, please contact us once.

  • For Group guests

You can order breakfast, lunch and dinner. Please make a reservation before 2 weeks.


About Conference rooms

Can I practice instrument?

You can practice in  any conference rooms.

Multipurpose room and Conference room 2 has a piano ( 1,000 yen / 1 day ).

About time rules

What time can I check in ? Can I leave my luggage before check in ?

Check in is from 15:00. You can leave your luggage in locker with key before check in.

By what time do I need to check in?

Check in is by 22:00. Please contact us if you will be late.

Is there any curfew?

Yes, curfew is 23:00. We close the gate at 23:00 and nobody can come in or out till 6:00 a.m.

What time the cafeteria opens?

Breakfast 7:00 – 8:30

Lunch 12:00 – 13:00

Dinner 18:00 – 20:00

*All need a reservation


About around Nagai youth hostel

Are there any parking area?

Unfortunately we do not have own parking area.

Please use in Nagai park’s or around a park. See more details…

Are there any restaurants around a youth hostel?

There are lots of restaurants around Station and there is a super market nearby Nagai park.

Where the nearest convenience store is?

It is in JR Tsurugaoka Sta. 5 min to walk from Nagai youth hostel or, there are a few convenience store around subway Nagai Sta.

There is a supermarket nearby Nagai park.